Size of the problem and results obtained by Piam.

In March 2014, following the first wave of landings of refugees from Libya, 40 African boys arrived in Asti. We were equipped in a hurry, prompted by the emergency to give them a warm welcome. We did not know yet that many people from different nations would have arrived. They were all over 500 young people, families, women, children from Africa, Middle East, Asia. We have opened new reception shelters, formed social welfare operators, involved citizenship. And we began to live with these guys, to know their pains and aspirations. We have heard stories of war, misery, overwhelming. Hallucinatory travels and infinite hopes. We are committed to providing a dignified support service to all, aimed at fostering integration and social cohesion. In a few words “we welcomed them” We promote Italian courses and training, social and sports activities; but also work training, like cleaning green areas, cooking classes, production of organic corn and vegetables, bicycle repair. Projects we have put in place to optimize the waiting times between the arrival in Italy and the possible issuance of a residence permit. We also offer them psychological and legal support, and health screening. At their disposal, at our Villa Quaglina reception center, there is ethnic cuisine, which takes care of the needs of each one of them. We were the first in Italy to apply the widespread adoption formula, believing that this is the optimal situation for guests to be welcomed in a family. This promotes integration into the town. At present, there are about 40 immigrants living outside our shelter, and most of them have been welcomed by compatriot families. Expenses are not chargeable to those who host them, indeed, we pay them 400 euros per month for every person, taking care of his training and assistance.