Size of the problem and results obtained by Piam

Piedmont is one of the regions with the largest presence of women on the roads; the situation in Asti certainly does not differ from the regional one: only in the last two years the presence in the city has increased by 25% and the number of underages is growing. Most of them are Nigerians, but there are also Albanians, Romanians, and Ukrainians.

On the sidewalks, there are only victims of exploitation, because voluntary prostitution is on the clubs, in the apartments, for this reason taking action on the street means challenging the racket that controls the phenomenon on the territory and runs a business of millions of euros: each Girl makes her exploiter from 5 thousand to 7 thousand euros per month.

Piam works weekly with Street Unit, approaching girls waiting for customers, providing health information, condoms, informing them of the possibility of denouncing their exploits and entering on a protection program. Then the reception machine starts in protected places, healthcare, legal, psychological, work projects for safe reintegration and dignity in society.

Over the years, 806 girls have been intercepted and 200 have been included in the protection programs.

A desperate journey of a trafficked girl: