Role and awareness of the team in the management of reception routes for women seeking asylum-victims of trafficking.

Every asylum seeker woman victim of human trafficking represents for the Nigerian mafia an investment of about 35.000 EUR. On this budget, a network of human smugglers planned his business and they have implemented a formidable transnational, organizational structure that is able to handle: the task of connection and recruitment in Nigeria, the threats to the families, the carriage and the logistics in extreme situations (the desert, Libya, the boat in the Mediterranean sea), all the way up to the widespread control and to the women exploitation in Europe.

In this system the smugglers, a real mafia as the Justice Department has found, apply a total monitoring on the women that they brought in Europe, even in our shelters. In fact, the institutions that host the women victims of trade and that played an anti-trade counselling are identified as the “enemy”. They are the people that “confiscated” the goods from the mafia and impede the development of their business.

It is necessary to be aware of this role by the team and adopt instruments of self-defense. In the first place, a special training on the trade and his mechanisms, but also a collaborative relationship with the Public Prosecutor and the police. This is important to quickly report all the suspicious , the ambiguous behavior and situations, to make decisions accordingly. It is not about replacing the role of police forces , but to gaining awareness of the dangers associated with this activity and to have practical and cultural tools to do a better management during the reception path.