Who we are

PIAM (Project for the Integration and Welcoming of Immigrants)

PIAM (Project for the Integration and Welcoming of Immigrants) is a secular association based in Asti, composed of Italian and immigrant social operators. Since 2000, its activities have focused on the social integration of women victims of trafficking and on immigration issues. Since 2011, Piam has also managed accommodation and integration projects for asylum seekers and refugees (former SPRAR Programme), in order to promote the most important factors that fosters ingration: the right to citizenship, housing, health, education, parenthood, sociality and indipendence. Last but not least, the right to dream of a better life.

We are strongly convinced that it is possibile to build a safer and more cohesive society only through the promotion of a community based on equal rights and opportunities.

Latest institutional news

Job Placement

Without a job, autonomy and freedom are not reachable goals. Internships represent a valid first step to enter the Italian labour market.

Training Courses

Skills from the world. Training asylum-seekers and refugees for the labour market.

Information meetings

Besides techical skills to enter the labour market, beneficiaries of reception projects also need a set of “soft skills”, in order to reach a...