The AGAPE project

Sprar Municipalities of Asti-Chiusano d’Asti 2017.

Piam, since 2016 has been the managing organisation of the Sprar project (protection system for asylum seekers and refugees) “AGAPE”, of which the responsible body is the  municipality of Chiusano D’Asti.

The area concerned is composed by small municipalities, Chiusano d’Asti (261 residents, surface 2,5km2), Cortandone (290 residents, surface 5,1 km2), Castellero (304 residents, surface 4,3 km2), Monale (1031 residents, surface 9,1 km2), Settime (530 residents, surface 6,68 km2), located in rural areas undergoing progressive aging of the resident population and consequential abandonment of the territory.

The Sprar Project, in addiction to basic reception services, provides orientation to legal, social, intercultural mediation services and accompaniment to the facilities offered by the territory.

With the collaboration of Co.Al.A Lavoro we guarantee to the recipients of the project, orientation and support to job search. In particular, on reaching of the level A2 of the Italian language, an individual path to reach a full autonomy is provided for each refugee. This is possible trough informative tools and inclusion of basic and technical skill which can be “exported” on different territories.


  • Single men: 31
  • Single women: 10
  • Family units: 5

Total welcomed people: 58


  • Nigeria: 19
  • Gambia: 10
  • Iraq: 6
  • Afghanistan: 4
  • Sierra Leone: 4
  • Ciad: 4
  • Guinea: 3
  • Sudan: 2
  • Guinea Bissau: 1
  • Libia: 1
  • Ghana: 1
  • Mali: 1
  • Ivory Coast: 1
  • Senegal: 1