Modibo, Villa Quaglina’s wine

Recovery of an ancient vineyard bound to disappear.

Recovery of an ancient vineyard bound to disappear, a mixture of far distant cultures.

Once upon a an excellent location – in terraces, exposed to south – lived a Barbera little wineyard in the old farmhouse named Villa Quaglina.

The wineyard had been abandoned and was damaged by golden flavescence.

One day a group of youn men came from far away lands, taking with them a strong grape variety. They planted it in the wineyard to replace the dead plantation.

That is how the wine Modibo was born from the mixture of Barbera and Syrah grapes, making it stronger and giving everyone a hope for a better future.

The adventure started in 2016: the dead plants were removed, while the remaining ones were properly pruned. The plants removed were replaced with 350 rooted grafts of Syrah, a strong and reistent variety, even if not from Piemonte region.

In 2017 we planted table grapes, to motivate the workers who do not drink wine.

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