On May 20th 2015, the Asti edition of the newspaper La Stampa reports: “There are landslides, but no money.”

This situation poses a serious threat to the security of our territories and our road. It takes a step forward, it is necessary to retrieve confidence in reciprocal mutuality, to optimize costs and resources for a common good.

We have some areas that need maintenance, in the first place ordinary, and we have many young people arrived in Europe searching for a job, and too often are in reception center doing nothing at all.

This idea has come to fruition within the SPRAR (Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees) of the Municipality of Chiusano d’Asti, which PIAM onlus is a manager, in partnership with the municipalities of Monale, Castellero, Cortandone, Settime.

It concerns a major operation in which, thanks to the effort of some refugees, it was possible to planning and set up measures to make safe the territory, otherwise hardly achievable for economic, logistic, and organisation reasons. The affected area is formed by small villages, Chiusano d’Asti (261 residents, 2,5 km2), Cortandone (290 residents, 5,1 km2), Castellero (304 residents, 4,3 km2), Monale (1031 residents, 9,1 km2), Settime (530 residents, 6,68 km²).

The Mayors of these municipalities have decided to join the SPRAR reception network and organize the location and the use of refugees in their territories.

The refugees involved in these activities are all selected and trained in advance, and they have taken part to a training course regarding the risks on the work with equipments with combustion engine.

The refugees’ effort in this activities represents a valuable and hard training period for their process of integration, making efforts in these training regularly paid in fact, they faced with new people and acquire familiarity with the territories in which are hosting and improve practical skill in the use of technical equipment that will be flowing in a good background for his social and working inclusion.

In this way, the refugees reception can really become an asset for the territories that carry it out with a concrete relapse on the host communities.