Training Courses

Skills from the world. Training asylum-seekers and refugees for the labour market.

If we loose it (the troubled youth), school is no longer a school; it becomes an hospital tha heals the healthy and rejects the sick.

With these words, Don Milani explains the meaning of his commitment and his idea of what school should be: a place of inclusion, civil and cultural growth even for the less fortunate.  This is the spirit of PIAM reception and working projects.

The training model includes a training period (italian language classes, safety at work, technical workshops), followed by internships hosted by local companies.

In fact, through work inclusion Piam has the ambition to represent the link between local companies and SPRAR reception projects, in order to promote the independence and the  social inclusion of the beneficiaries – asylum seekers and refugees. This matching activity meets both economic needs and moral and civil duties. In this context, since 2006 has promoted several training courses.


Restaurant services clerk / Bar tender occupational laboratory

  • Participants: 8
  • Nazionality: Nigeria 5 Gambia 2 Guinea 1
  • Gender: Women 5 Men 3
  • Results: 3 participants found a job in the catering sector

Cook help occupational laboratory

  • Participants: 6
  • Nazionality: Nigeria 6
  • Gender: Women 6
  • Results: 3 participants found a job in the catering sector

Anti-trafficking counselor training course

  • Participants: 5
  • Nationality: Nigeria 5
  • Gender: Women 5
  • Results: participants found job in antitrafficking and reception projects

Worker safety in low/medium/high risk activities training course

  • Participants: 55

First aid training course

  • Participants: 23

Antifire training course

  • Participants: 30

Internal Combustion Engine training course

  • Participants: 30

Fork lift truck training course

  • Participants: 15

Food hygiene HACCP training course

  • Participants: 35

Related activities

Job Placement

Without a job, autonomy and freedom are not reachable goals. Internships represent a valid first step to enter the Italian labour market.

Information meetings

Besides techical skills to enter the labour market, beneficiaries of reception projects also need a set of “soft skills”, in order to reach a real and long lasting autonomy.