Information meetings

Information meetings. Understanding beyond practice.

Besides techical skills to enter the labour market, beneficiaries of reception projects also need a set of “soft skills”, in order to reach a real and long lasting autonomy. To this aim, and to prevent cultural misunderstanding and exclusion, in collaboration with local authorities, Piam organises information sessions targeting social and cultural aspects of living in the host country, ranging from cultural differences to sexual education, self care and well-being, and parenthood.

Projects and Numbers

E. A . S. Y Love Project – Education for adult and youth sexuality, in collaboration with Di-svi Association

Information sessions on sex education, prevention, contraception, affectivity education for asylum seekers and refugees.

Male target: 12 hours (6 hrs on sexual education, including contraception, STI prevention, access to diagnosis and treatment public services – 6 hrs on gender education.
Participants: 36

Female target: 12 hrs on prevention of unwanted pregnancy, screening and treatment public services for women.
Participants: 18

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Job Placement

Without a job, autonomy and freedom are not reachable goals. Internships represent a valid first step to enter the Italian labour market.

Training Courses

Skills from the world. Training asylum-seekers and refugees for the labour market.